Top 10 mobile applications EVER

1 Find numbers and maps when you're out and about - As well as helping you search for local services, mobile will also send you free maps and even provide you with step-by-step directions. It's perfect on a Friday night when you're trying to find you're nearest taxi, Chinese or club.
Or text Mobile to 80248

2 Read a book - this handy application lets you read and store up to 400 books on your phone. You can buy entire books, chapters or just extracts.
Or text ICUE to 64888

3 Upload your photos and videos - shares any photos and videos taken with your mobile by uploading them to sites such as YouTube and flickr using this neat service called ShoZu.

4 Watch your weight - count the calories of more than 3,000 food items using this mobile application. It can also source lighter options of your favourite treats - simply type in the last four digits of the barcode of the food product. (£7.99 a month to subscribe).

5 Check the weekend's weather - stays one step ahead of the unpredictable English weather by getting free and easy to read UK wide weather forecasts.

6 Keep up with the news - check out the latest news headlines from BBC online with its mobile-tailored website for easy browsing on your phone. or text NEWS to 81010.

7 Google on your mobile - a mobile-friendly version of the popular internet search engine, great for all those niggling questions that arise when you're out and about.

8 Get the train on time - find timetables, prices and real time arrivals information - so you can find out whether you can spend another ten minutes in bed because the train is late.

9 Keep up with your friends - Facebook mobile is a highly user-friendly version of the social networking site. Easy to navigate and quick to upload, the site ensures that you are able to keep up to date with all your friends while on the go.

10 Back-up your mobile numbers, photos and videos - ZYB is a free, quick and easy to use internet service which lets you safeguard all your mobile bits and pieces.


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