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The term utilities is used to cover all kinds of software, some of it pretty hefty and of the Swiss army knife variety, some of it really small and focussed on a single task. The unifying factor is that utilities provide things that aren't in your smartphone when you take it out of its box - or that make things that are there easier to get to and use.

The list below covers just some of the range. Maybe one is just what you've been looking for.


From: Dinarsoft

Price: $19.99

Platforms: Windows Mobile 2003, 5, 6 Professional, 6 Classic

Details: MemMaid scans your Windows Mobile device and finds - and deletes - files like cookies, browser history, phone logs, temp files, browser cache and more. It helps conserve memory. It can also close opened files and has plenty of other useful features to help you optimise your device.


From: Handango

Price: £7.00

Platforms: Symbian S60

Details: If you are a fan of the profiles in your mobile, why not use a utility to ensure they are set just right for you. This utility will set your profile according to a timed schedule or your location. Need the phone loud when you are in the supermarket quiet when you are in a meeting? Try SmartProfile.

Stopwatch Plus

From: Handango

Price: £4.00

Platforms: Symbian S60

Details: If the stopwatch on your smartphone doesn't meet your needs try this alternative. It has 999 memory slots - more than anyone could possibly need but great for things like cooking timers. It'll give you a running countdown repeating that five or ten minutes as often as you like, and has plenty of other options.

Mini Keeper

From: Handango

Price: £9.20

Platforms: Symbian S60

Details: If you need to keep passwords and other personal information on your phone then it should be somewhere others can't get to it. Mini Keeper gives you a password protected storage area for all that vital but forgettable information.

Handy Safe

From: Penreader

Price: varies

Platforms: Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6, Windows Mobile Smartphone, PC

Details: Keep your vital information like passwords and PIN numbers on your Pocket PC or Windows Mobile Smartphone but keep them locked away and safe from prying eyes. There is an optional PC application to synchronise to.


From: IBE Group

Price: £9.95

Platforms: Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Details: Puts a series of utilities onto the Today screen including a very useful utility for shutting down running applications. This can help maximise memory usage on your device. You can also use IBE Bar to switch screen orientation, view battery and memory storage information.

SPB Phone Suite

From: SPB Software House

Price: $19.95

Platforms: Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 Professional

Details: A utility for those who want more sophisticated voice call management on their Windows Mobile device. Capabilities include photo speed dial, auto SMS reply to voice calls, automatic profile setting and easy profile management.

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