New Blackberry 8820 offers sat nav

Research in Motion seems to be on a roll with its BlackBerry devices. The last effort from the company, the Curve, has gone down really well, its small size, neat design and stylish round rollerball navigation button all coming together to give the uber-businessperson's mobile email device a more streamlined, consumer type feel.

But now there's yet another BlackBerry on the block, and this one is really special because it does something no BlackBerry has done before. It has Wi-Fi built in. It even meets the 802.11a standard alongside b and g. That might not mean a lot to consumers but some businesses will love it.

In fact, looking at the specifications list it seems RIM is trying hard to cram every feature a modern smartphone should have into its devices.

So is this the BlackBerry with everything? Well, it has a built in GPS antenna, music playback, Bluetooth, the usual slew of built in apps. Its microSD card slot supports SDHC (current cards stretch to 4GB and 8GB cards are due soon). Oh, and did we mention it does mobile email?

It isn't quite the BlackBerry of our dreams, though. There's no 3G and no camera. Still, it could be another successful mobile email machine.

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