First look: Fly Mobile SL600 camera

Stumping up £60 on prepay for a camera phone and getting a two-megapixel shutterbug is a sweet return. The SL600's lens snaps in a 1600x1200 pixel resolution and although autofocus and macro focus is missing you still get an LED flash light. You can also adjust the six mode white balance, set to night mode or self timer and even get it too reel off 3-5 continuous shots. It also supports an inexhaustible, well 15, effect modes from Sepia Green to Copper Carving.

A dedicated side shutter key is ready to fire up the camera and we encountered problems from the off. Firstly the lens takes time to settle and focus if you move from subject to subject and we found the viewfinder didn't completely frame what you eventually see on the final photo, cutting off the sides when lining up the snap. You have to take this into account every time you take a picture and this can be quite annoying.

The photos themselves did suffer from inconsistent focus and lack of detail but colours were realistically represented. Generally though, picture quality is tolerable, perhaps falling short of good print quality but perfect for wallpapering, blogging and storing on your PC or online photo archive for prosperity. Elsewhere, video is captures in 176x144 pixel resolution and is pretty vapid in quality and shot through with the judder.

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