First look: Fly Mobile SL600 music player

What surprised us most about the SL600i was all the music talent Fly Mobile has crammed into the slider's tidy frame. The built-in music player is a tasty feature for £60 but to also include Stereo Bluetooth, a built-in FM radio plus the ability to record from the radio, is going well beyond the call of duty.

Just because the handset comes in at the entry-level price range Fly Mobile has seen the music player features haven't suffered either. So it rocks up with all the trimmings including the aforementioned Stereo Bluetooth (A2DP) support, an eight-band equalizer to boost the sound plus repeat and shuffle. Sadly it didn't sound particular dynamic through the supplied earphones, although it's still listenable, but when we hooked up the MOTOROKR S9 Bluetooth headphones the sound quality was transformed with plenty of drive and grunt.

The built-in FM radio offers nine preset channels and once you lock into a good reception its sounds strong through the supplied earphones. These have the radio aerial integrated so you will have to plug in the headphones before you can even think about getting a reception. The SL600 also lets you record from the radio and Mobile Choice can't remember a handset ever featuring such a function. If you like your radio and fear missing your favourite radio programme or just happen to hear a track you like you can either record off the bat or set the phone to record at a certain date, time and frequency (you can easily select programme frequencies from the channel list). You will have to keep the headphones connected to get this work and you can choose to dub in amr or WAV formats. All your recorded radio programmes, music, photos and videos can be stored on either the 60MB of internal memory or on a microSD card slot that's located under the battery.

All this music malarkey will drain the battery and the SL600 doesn't have the best staying power. However, Fly Mobile has designed the wall charger lead to double up as USB cable so you can re-juice via the laptop for added flexibility.

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