Hands on with the Nokia 8600 Luna: Part Two

When it comes to playing music the 8600 Luna is incredibly frustrating. Just like the 8800 Sirocco, it stems from its limited memory and with only 128MB of internal storage and no memory card slot you can begin to see why its music abilities are severely hampered. Realistically you can only store around 40-odd music tracks and that's if you don't share with other multimedia content. It's a real shame because the 8600 Luna has all the right credentials and music features to do well.

You can use the supplied Nokia PC Suite software for transferring the song via a quick USB 2.0 connection. Once your handful of songs are on board you can tamper with the sound via a seven-setting equalizer - Normal, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical plus two customisable manual modes are available - and we settled with Rock for a punchy sound. Because the meagre memory only stockpiles a limited amount of tracks you don't access your song through the standard Tracks, Artists, Album, Genre menu, rather through the track list. Likewise, you're not able to create playlists because the tunes are too few but you can choose Random to shuffle the songs.

The 8600 Luna does pack Stereo Bluetooth (A2DP) support for wireless streaming music to compatible headphones or speakers. We paired the Luna with the comfortable behind-the-head MOTOROKR S9 headphones and the audio was surprisingly loud and energetic. This great performance just compounds the fact that the music player is wasted without expandable memory. Still if you quickly get bored with the same old songs you can turn to the built-in FM radio for. The aerial is integrated into the supplied earphones so you will have to plug these in to get it working. Radio reception can fluctuate but once you lock into the strong signal it sounds pretty good.

So, the Nokia 8600 Luna has a very capable music player that's restricted because of the absence of a memory card slot. We're not sure why Nokia couldn't find space on the Luna's chunky frame for a microSD card but right now the Luna is a mobile music leper.

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