3 slashes mobile roaming charges

Following the recent EU announcement capping mobile roaming prices in Europe, 3 is slashing prices - beating the EU's suggested prices. From 30 August, 3 customers travelling to EU countries will pay25p per min to make a call to any standard UK landline or mobile and just 10p per min to receive a call wherever they are in the EU.

According to 3, this compares with the capped EU Eurotariff of 38p per min to make a call and 19p per min to receive a call.

3's new pricing structure, which is 34% cheaper to make calls and 47% cheaper than the EU Eurotariff to receive them, will apply to all customers, whether they're on prepay or contract deals. Charges for SMS messages will be fixed at 25p per text.

The announcement comes six months after the introduction of 3Like Home. This tariff applies to calls made to the UK from 3's sister networks(Ireland, Italy, Austria, Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden and Denmark) and enables 3 customers to use their existing minutes, text and data bundles without accruing any additional charges. It also means customers aren't charged for receiving calls when abroad in a 3 sister country. The 3Like Home tariff will continue to automatically apply for all 3 customers when they roam onto the 3 network in a 3 sister country.

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