Apple iPhone's missing features

For all the hype around iPhone's cool features, there's been an equal amount of discussion about what's missing from the device. 3G is probably the most important one: in the US, iPhone uses AT&T's EDGE network, which is considerably slower than 3G. Several Stateside reviewers have pointed out that if you're not connected to a Wi-Fi network, surfing the web using iPhone's Safari browser is a slow and painful experience.

MMS is another baffling omission from the iPhone - the only way you can send photos to people is via email. Okay, so MMS hasn't been the most successful mobile technology in the history of the industry, but people are starting to use it in greater numbers.

You can take still photos with the iPhone's camera, but you can't record video clips. It's another strange omission, given Apple's tie-up with YouTube for watching videos on the iPhone. Meanwhile, users have also complained about the way you can't use your MP3 music files as ringtones on the device -something you'd think would be standard in a music-focused mobile.

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