The true cost of an Apple iPhone

In the US, the iPhone is one of the most expensive mobiles ever. Really. And that's not just about the price you pay for the handset itself ($499 for the 4GB version or $599 for the 8GB version).

Over there, people also had to pay a $36 activation charge to get their iPhone working, as well as sign up to a two-year monthly contract from operator AT&T Wireless for either $59.99, $79.99 or $99.99 (depending on how many free voice minutes and texts they wanted).

In short, even if you bought the 4GB iPhone on the cheapest contract, over the two years of the contract it would cost you $1,975, while if you got the 8GB model on the most expensive tariff, you'd be stumping up $3,035 (around £1,490).

When iPhone goes on sale here in the UK, we'll be spared the activation charge (hopefully), but at the time of writing, no price for the handset itself has been announced. Judging by the US launch, even if it's high, there'll be no shortage of buyers.

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