Bluetooth headsets go UFO with Bluetrek

Bluetrek's UFO (or Undeniably Fashionable Object) is part of its Fashion for Heads range and is a Bluetooth headset with a unique circular design and a form factor that fits snugly on the ear rather than in it.

The lightweight headset boasts a leather-like finish, weighs 8g and measures under 4cm in diameter, with a talktime of up to six hours and a standby time of up to eight days. Sound quality is enhanced by DSP (digital signal processing) technology and the headset also features noise reduction and echo cancellation. The UFO costs £50 and comes with four ear hooks - two in metal, and two in black plastic.

The Bluetrek Mini is exactly that, measuring just 41x19mm and weighing 10g. The Mini is being marketed as 'contemporary jewellery' and can be worn around the neck like a pendant when not in use. The headset fits in the ear with an Ergobud which comes in three sizes. The headset offers up to seven hours talktime, 10 days standby time and a low battery alert. It will cost around £30.

Finally, the Bluetrek ST1 is a wireless Stereo Bluetooth headset designed for listening to music. The ST1 is made of plastic and rubber and is designed to be worn around the back of the head. You can listen to MP3s on your mobile for up to nine hours, offers 19 hours talktime and 11 days standby time.  And when a call comes in on your mobile, the headset automatically reduces the volume of the track so that you can take the call, then re-starts the music once the call is finished.

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