Nokia N95: 10 killer features

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If you can't wait that long, check out our essential guide to the Nokia N95's 10 killer features below, based on a preview sample we examined at Mobile Choice HQ recently.

1 Build
For a phone that houses such an all-encompassing feature set, it's not particularly bulky. The nearest design comparison is its Nseries amigo, the N80 but incredibly it's not as hefty, despite the extra features. Of course, it's not going to ultra-slim, but it's not too inconvenient in the pocket.

2 Dual slide design
The N95 has a unique dual-slide action; push up and a normal keypad is revealed, push down and a shelf fitted with music controls appears. The skater action is slicker than the stuttering N80 with spring assistance both ways. It's very reminiscent to the 6280 in that respect.

3 Connection charge
The N95 is overrun with connectivity options. Read them and weep: HSDPA, Wi-FI, Bluetooth, USB, A2DP support for wireless music streaming in stereo and Nokia's Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) technology to hook up to your wirelessly connected home.

4 Download daddy
HSDPA capabilities means the N95, on a good day, can download just over four times faster than 3G. The speeds of 1.8Mbps sees web pages appear almost instant while a 4MB full track can hit the handset is under three seconds.

5 Powerful high-spec camera
The Carl Zeiss crafted five-megapixel camera is protected by a lens cap with a switch opening mechanism. Its shoots in a 2592x1944 pixel resolution with autofocus and a proper xenon flash. The pictures served up by our review sample displayed sharp detail and strong colour rendering.

6 Keypad capers
The N80's top line of keys were too close to the lip of the front fascia, making it awkward to press. The N95 has remedied this by allowing more space and it's a responsive and well-sized keypad.

7 It's a wrap
Like its N93 counterpart, the N95 shoots video in VGA -quality (640x320 pixel resolution) at 30fps, proclaimed by Nokia as DVD standard. It's not but you'll still be impressed with the performance that's almost judder free.

Built-in GPS turns the N95 into a sat nav system with software and maps for country, region and the world on offer. Nokia has promised 15 million point of interest in over 100 countries.

9 Screen dream
It doesn't match the N80 or E60 for resolution stakes but the QVGA-quality screen but it casts 16-million colours. The large 2.6-inch display is stunning with vivid hues and crisp detail. Good for full-internet browsing.

10 Memory
The 120MB of internal memory is generous helping, backed up by a side-mounted microSD card slot. A 128MB card supplied for starters.

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