Poll: Tough new mobile driving laws

Under the new law, you may not use a handheld mobile: when you are stopped at traffic lights; when you are queueing in traffic; or to receive calls, pictures, text messages or to access the Internet. Meanwhile, if you are an employer, you can be prosecuted if you require employees to make or receive calls using a handheld phone while driving. The only exception is that a driver may call 999 or 112 in response to a genuine emergency when it is unsafe or impractical to stop to make the call.

If you still want to use your mobile while driving, you'll need a professionally installed in-car kit, a plug and play kit or a Bluetooth headset. For advice on the latest in-car gear, visit our sister websitewww.mc4b.co.uk

In the meantime, have you recently broken the mobile driving law? Vote in our survey below.

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