3GSM: Samsung's four Ultra slim phones

The four phones in the Ultra Series 2 range include: the U600 (10.9mm thick); the U700 (12.1mm thick); the U300 (9.6mm thick); and, skinniest of the lot, the U100 (5.9mm thick).

As you'd expect from the Ultra Series, all phones come with a high spec and each of the handsets offers a 3 megapixel camera and digital music player as standard. The U700 slider phone is the most feature-laden, offering HSDPA download speeds, a nifty wheel key for navigation, plus the bonus of autofocus with its camera. The U600 is another smart slider with EDGE, email, Bluetooth and a business card reader. 

Moving away from the slide design, the U300 is a metallic clamshell with EDGE, Bluetooth and a Document viewer. Finally, there's virtually transparent U100, which somehow squeezes in EDGE, Bluetooth and a Document viewer along with the camera and music player.

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