Samsung launches powerful Ultra F700 smartphone

Mobile Choice brings you a sneak preview of Samsung's new Ultra Edition member, the F700 smartphone, ahead of its unveiling at the 3GSM show in Barcelona on Monday.

It's unclear what OS it runs off but we do know it boasts full touchscreen navigation like the Apple iPhone and LG Prada Phone but is also supported by a full sliding QWERTY keyboard. The touchscreen-only user interface also features a 'drag and drop' technique and VibeTonz technology that issues a vibration every time you touch the 2.78-inch 440x220 pixel resolution display.

The F700 also packs some heavyweight features including support for the latest 7.2Mbps speed download HSDPA, a five-megapixel camera with autofocus and a full HTML web browser.

We still don't have a UK release date but Mobile Choice will keep you posted.

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