3's new business tariffs

3 has firmly announced its arrival in the small business market with four new voice tariffs that enable users to divide their inclusive extras between voice, texts and data useage.

3's Office Share tariffs start from £34 a month, which gives customers a Business Choice allowance of either 1000 minutes, 2000 texts or 500MB of data, or a combination of any of the three to share across the company users. Under the terms of the deal: one voice minute = two texts = 0.5MB of data.

The Office Share tariffs on offer include:

Office Share 1000 (£35) = 1000 minutes or 2000 texts or 500MB data

Office Share 2000 (£74) = 2000 minutes or 4000 texts or 1000MB data

Office Share 3000 (£114) = 3000 minutes or 6000 texts or 1500MB data

Office Share 4000 (£154) = 4000 minutes or 8000 texts or 2000MB data

Each extra handset in the deal costs £15.

Users can also opt for an £84 data to Share 3GB of data.

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