T-Mobile launches Sidekick 3

The Sidekick II handset gained more notoriety as Paris Hilton's phone of choice than for its features and performance. And that was the problem, the Sidekick II lacked contemporary features we demanded. Exclusive to T-Mobile, its successor, the Sidekick 3, thankfully redresses the poor feature spec we lamented about.

Now this 'lifestyle accessory' comes with a on board MP3 player, a miniSD card slot to augment internal 64MB while the VGA camera has been hiked to a more respectable 1.3-megapixel (although we were expecting more.)

The Sidekick 3 has also had a redesign but retains the swinging display that reveals a full QWERTY keypad. This means writing instant messages and emails is a whole lot easy while the large screen is perfect to browse the internet on T-Mobile's all-you-can-eat web'n'walk service. The standard contact, calendar, to do and lists and notes are also available and we presume this data, along with your photos are backed up online, ready to sync if you lose or damaged your handset.

The Sidekick 3 is out next month on the web'n'walk tariff but prices are still to be confirmed.

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