Sony Ericsson 007i

Getting your handset shown in a blockbuster movie can boost your sale by, oh, at least two. So it's imperative you get your latest phone in the hands of the world's biggest Hollywood celebs. Sony Ericsson seems to have a knack of weeding its way into big films and after getting the W710i and P990i in The Da Vinci Code, the professional celebrity ligger has moved onto the new James Bond movie.

It's the turn of our Phone Of The Year, the K800i, to shine on the big screen and to celebrate the momentous occasion Sony Ericsson has given it a lick of silver paint and badged it limited edition. It will only be available for three months from the release of Casino Royale (17th November) but we're pretty sure Bond (played by Daniel Craig) will be using its 3.2-megapixel camera to shoot all those stunning bonds girls.

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