BenQ-Siemens R.I.P

After seeing its first wave of handsets under its new brand name back in January, Mobile Choice was impressed with BenQ-Siemen's new found vitality and tipped the company for wider success. But last month, the UK arm of BenQ-Siemens filed for insolvency in a court, spelling the end for this German-Asian outfit. This shutdown stemmed from the closure of the headquarters in Germany after the Taiwanese company BenQ pulled its backing since its market share slipped dramatically.

BenQ bought out the loss-making handset manufacturer Siemens last September in a bid to heighten its presence in the European mobile phone market but poor sales has seen BenQ withdraw its support. Not even the release of some cracking handsets like the EF81, E61, EF61 Mia and the upcoming SL91 (pictured) could save the company. It was great while it lasted BenQ-Siemens. R.I.P.

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