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It which includes six 3G broadband (HSDPA or 3.5G) phones, 10 Vodafone exclusives, LG phones for the first time including a 3G Chocolate phone (KU800) and a choice of 24 Live! 3G phones for all budgets.

If the mobile operators are to be believed, 3G broadband (HSDPA) phones are set to make a big splash this Christmas, thanks to fast access to multimedia services like mobile TV, faster music and video downloads and faster email downloads.

If there is a 3G broadband boom, Vodafone is well placed to offer one of the largest HSDPA ranges in the UK. First up is the exclusive, sporty-looking Motorola V1100 featuring a 1.3-megapixel camera and QVGA-quality screen and essentially the Motorola RAZR V3xx (also available on the network), but with a different design. Also joining the line-up is the Motorola RAZR maxx V6, complete with a two-megapixel camera lens.

Samsung is also delivering three Vodafone exclusive 3.5G handsets including the three-megapixel toting Samsung Z720v and the Z560v and ZV50, both with two-megapixel cameras on-board.

Vodafone's ever-expanding 3G range will feature LG phones for the first time in the form of the much-anticipated 3G Chocolate phone, the KU800. This slider keeps the original touch-sensitive design but ups the feature ante with a two-megapixel shutterbug, expandable memory and improved battery juice. Also joining the KU800 is the more exclusive entry-level clamshell, the LG L600v, with a 1.3-megapixel camera and video-calling Sagem also launches its first ever UK 3G handset with the price conscious my600v and my800v.

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