Samsung launches P310

We have to say Mobile Choice digs the P300's retro style but if you're in the camp that dislikes its old skool looks then you might be happier with its successor, the P310.

We've no news whether it will make it over to Blighty but Samsung looks to have smoothed out the distinct calculator feel for a more phone-like design (Boo! - Ed). Not only that but it has managed to retain its credit card-sized frame and still squeeze in a two-megapixel camera, an improvement on the P300's 1.3-megapixel lens.

If you think that's impressive, it's also jimmied a microSD card slot to expand the memory. The P300's sombre 80MB of internal memory made its music player redundant, so the P310 already has vastly improved music capabilities. Samsung has also hiked the original 220x176-pixel resolution screen to QVGA quality. Champagne all round then!

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