Samsung launches new music phone

Mobile Choice got a sneak preview of Samsung's new music phone, the X830, due for release in October. This incredibly bijou handset manages to house 1GB of flash memory, capable of storing around 250 MP3 tracks encoded at 128Kbps. The X830 is a swivel phone but its most noticeable feature is an iPod-esque click wheel for fast navigation through the music player interface. The Samsung i300 and LG U400 are the only handsets to date that have used this click-wheel technique.

Weighing a mere 74 grams and measuring just 85x29x20mm, the X830 is closer to Apple Shuffle size than any other phone we've seen. The screen is, understandably, a bit pokey at 32x19mm and has a resolution of 128x220 pixels. The X830 also carries a 1.3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, a five-band music equalizer and supports MP3, WMA and OGG digital music formats. Pricing and network take-up has yet to be confirmed.

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