Phone Shop Idol 2015 winner Claire Pulpher is Gamer Girl

Phone Shop Idol, the 6-part documentary series on BBC Two has just ended and saw Claire Pulpher crowned the winner in a fiercely fought mobile retail contest to find the Uk's top sales superstar.

Claire, who works at Carphone Warehouse, York wowed not just the judges (myself included) but also those watching at home with her positivity, can-do attitude and determination. We were also quite taken by how passionate she was about gaming.

When we saw how deeply immersed she was into her mobile games, we decided to ask her to come aboard the Mobile Choice ship to launch a new gamer section in the magazine and online.

So, I am very proud to announce that from today, Claire has been appointed our Games reviewer on Mobile Choice.

She has already got down to work so we will publish her first review very soon, but in the meantime here is Claire, telling us a little bit about herself.

My name's Claire. I'm 26, love to dance and have a gorgeous little chihuahua called Dylan. I always believed that, like many little girls that I would grow up to be a ballerina.

I chased those dreams, attending drama school and training very hard in various mediums of dance. However, whenever the times got hard or I didn't get a part I wanted, I would always come home and find comfort in my video game collection.

My passion for gaming developed into a love for technology and I found myself selling mobile phones at the age of 21.

My love for gaming, however, has never left me and when I'm not on stage somewhere, singing and dancing, my free time is always spent on a console or PC. I have an obsession with Sonic the Hedgehog (there's nothing I don't know about that blue blur!) and it's not unusual to spot me in full Cosplay at a convention or launch party!

With technology like virtual reality and augmented reality all becoming so advanced now, the gaming industry is going from strength to strength and I will be at the front of the queue ready to try it all!

Oh - and I didn't just name my dog Dylan because it's a cute name.

I named him after one of the characters in the 1991 classic adventure game, 'Fantastic Dizzy'. It was going to be Guybrush from 'Monkey Island', but that may have raised eyebrows in a public park!

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