Returned your recalled EE Power bar? Now claim your £20 voucher

- By Debarshi Debnath

This week, EE recalled over 500,000 faulty Power Bars with batch numbers E1-06 conceding that they  posed fire safety risks due to overheating. The operator added that the Power Bars will be returned or replaced once investigations are concluded.

As a gesture of goodwill, EE offered £20 vouchers to all affected users to spend on accessories in the meantime.

Even though the £20 vouchers were supposed to be given out to consumers, most of the store staff had no clue how will they be given. I was told from two different stores that the vouchers will be sent as a text in few days.

But only when I searched through the posts of EE community page could find the answer.

So this is how you obtain your voucher as mentioned by leanne_T from EE content Group. Quoting the post How to obtain your £20 voucher: 

You can use your voucher from 10am the following day after you've returned the power bar on

Your Voucher Code - is your mobile number. (Note that the mobile number will only work if you have returned a E1-06 Power Bar.)

When you have added what you would like to purchase to your basket, go to your basket and click 'Got a Voucher' and enter your Voucher Code.

The voucher is worth £20. The voucher can only be used for one online purchase – if you don’t use the full £20, there will be no residual value left on the voucher.

Your voucher is valid for 30 days. You can also use the voucher with extra cash , if your choice of accessory is more than £20.

So hurry up, as the countdown of 30 days has already begun.


[Debarshi is an IT Manager by profession and has been a happy EE (previously T-Mobile customer) for 3.5 years]

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