Top three from CES 2015

CES has been incredibly disappointing in terms of smartphone launches but there were a few things that caught our beady eye at the World's largest consumer electronics show...

LG drops Android Wear OS

LG kept very tight lipped about their partnership with Audi to produce a smartwatch that would control driverless cars of the future.

The gathered media got a brief glimpse at the Audi presentation but no details were revealed about it apart from the fact that it is not Android wear.

Will LG G Watch R’s big brother be making an appearance in the very near future?

LG have opted to go with Open webOs, an OS similar to Android that was under the bonnet of the smartphones that use to be produced by Palm. Interestingly, both Samsung and LG have decided to step away from Android  with Samsung going with Tizen and LG going with Open webOs to power its new smart TVs.

Fast charge in 30 seconds

I’m sure we have all used our smartphone while charging because they need a good 1.5 hours to fully charge and one must never unplug before its hit that golden 100%. So here's the good news. 

StoreDot are developing a superfast charging battery in less than 30 seconds and this was demoed at CES.  The firm has already raised (£32.1m) of funds, $10m from Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich's private asset management company and it is also rumoured that Samsung is among the other investors.

The demo was carried out using a Samsung Galaxy S4 with a standard battery. StoreDot also plans to release a charger capable of charging an electric car from naught to full in just three minutes.

The only downside is that we will have to wait until 2017.

Wearable tech gets more wearable

Wearable tech was everywhere but no tech was to be seen, which is a good thing- Why? Well, it looks like wearable tech is finally growing up and maturing into a youngless awkward adult, every man and his dog was showing off the latest fitness tracking bracelets, cut-price touchscreen smartwatches and strap-on heart rate monitors.

The UK's Cambridge Consultants and France's Cityzen Sciences were showing off prototype smart shirts, which have a range of sensors integrated into the fabric. And an Australian start-up has just put on sale GameTraka, a GPS device that s placed behind the user's neck to provide data from contact sports such as basketball and rugby.

Fitbit who make smartbands are still making models that look plastic fantastic, but it is looking to the fashion world to help drive up demand by partnering with designer Tory Burch. Watch-giant Fossil has announced its intention to launch a wide range of tech-enhanced wearable after forming a partnership with Intel.

The first models will go on sale later this year.

So not long to wait if you want to wear the latest tech without looking like a geek or early adopter.

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