The wearables revolution is here, but where are the apps?

By Howard Simms, co-founder and director, Apadmi

In recent months, I've been asked for what I think the future holds for the technology market in the coming year. Part of my answer has been that I think we will see more of the wearable tech products we've seen entering the marketplace in the last year.

However, what we haven't seen yet is the mass development of great wearable technology apps, but I expect this to change massively in the coming months. Given the product has been available in the UK for around six months now, let's take Google Glass as an example.

There's no doubt it has the potential to improve businesses in sectors as diverse as manufacturing, construction and logistics. However, there are still only a few dozen apps that have been developed for Google Glass.

That really is a drop in the ocean compared to the number of apps available for other devices though, meaning there is a large gap in the market still waiting to be filled. What that gap means then is that there are opportunities for app developers to stake a strong foothold in the Google Glass apps marketplace by developing an app that takes full advantage of the product, makes the users' lives more enjoyable, or even helps to improve the users' quality of life.

For example, WatchMeTalk and Captioning On Glass (COG) recognise speech and turn it into live on-screen captioning, thereby making conversation easier for the deaf and hard of hearing. Meanwhile, AR Glass for Wikipedia is able to retrieve online data about a user's surroundings and Word Lens is able to translate foreign text via the Glass Camera, thereby helping to make visiting foreign countries easier and more enjoyable for Google Glass users.

In addition, we'll see other wearable tech products emerge in 2015, such as the Apple Watch or TAG Heuer's Intel-powered smartwatch. Once again, there will be opportunities for developers to get in on what should be a very lucrative and exciting marketplace.

Therefore, I'd encourage app developers to research these new products and get their thinking caps on. If that thinking cap has had some apps developed for it too, even better!

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