Where are your smartphone manners?

By Jay Jay

So, the rumours have been right all along- our phones have been changing us whilst we were staring at them…

With a heavy influence our social interactions, smartphones have become our essential companions 24/7 and a recently conducted poll revealed the extent of it!

78 percent of us use our phones while in bed, 27 percent in the bath, 41 percent during work meeting and 42 percent while having meals!

The poll also revealed how social interactions using smartphones have influenced our behaviour. One in ten users admitted they were either blocked or removed from others’ lists following an argument while another 6 percent accepted having argued over smartphone usage. Another 18 percent of those polled recommended deleting an ex from social media and 21 percent favoured deleting an ex’s number.

The poll figured that despite increasing smartphone usage, digital etiquette was on a declining trend. Not writing down important numbers, not backing up devices and not increasing memory space has been on an upward trend.

Dr. Kairen Cullen, chartered educational psychologist, said: “We all want to feel important, and our constant checking of smartphones is probably influenced by this. Yet this behaviour actually risks having the opposite effect, since people who you’re spending time with can become more inclined to pay you less attention as a result. Clearly smartphones are immensely useful and certainly have a role to play in our lives, but it may be worth occasionally reassessing how and when we use them.”

The research consisted of 2,000 UK smartphone owners – conducted online in November 2014 by Opinium Research on behalf of Halifax Home Insurance. 

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