Do Apple device owners like bargains more?

By Jay Jay

Apple devices held their own against the massive array of Android products on Black Friday, a tech shopping gala that saw 91% increase in online sales compared to the previous year, says a study conducted by IBM.

This year’s Black Friday saw almost 59% of all web traffic in the UK dominated by mobile phones and tablets. While smartphone sales (39%) were twice as high as those of tablets (20%), iOS devices dominated with a contribution of over 35% compared to just 11% of Android devices.

However, in terms of average value per order, both operating systems were almost at par with iOS at £88.95 and Android devices averaging at £88.81 per order. Apple’s dominance was not due to, but despite its approach towards Black Friday in the UK that had been quite in contrast with most smartphone and tablet brands operating on Android platforms.

While Android gadgets saw massive price cuts and lucrative offers to churn up volumes, Apple instead chose to donate a portion of sales to RED, a charity fund aimed at AIDS-affected populace in Africa.

Apple’s customers in the US received gift cards to make purchases in iTunes, iBooks and the App store, UK saw neither any discounts (unlike in 2013) nor any gift cards on offer. Resellers like Albion, KRCS and Stromfront were the only portals that offered 20% discounts on iTunes credit.

Commenting on the landmark online traffic on Black Friday, James Lovell, the European retail solution leader, said ‘It has become clear from their behaviour that consumers are increasingly using technology as part of their shopping experience… Last year's benchmark revealed strong mobile growth, and this year's Black Friday results confirm that mobile has become the dominant channel.’ 

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