Tech tête à tête with the Brownlee Brothers

Olympic medal winning triathletes Alistair and Jonny who recently concluded a two day challenge comprising of swimming, running and cycling took some time off their hectic schedules to answer some questions about tech…

Mobile Choice: Which five pieces of technology couldn't you live without? 

Alistair: This is a hard question. Alarm clock is pretty important for early morning swimming, my Xperia Z3 and my underwater running treadmill to keep me injury free, can you add any Jonny?

Jonny: My PS4 - me and my housemates are always on it when we aren’t training. And my slow cooker, I love having a nice hot meal ready after a long days training in the winter.

Mobile Choice: What are your thoughts on activity trackers and wearable tech? Do you use them? Do you like them? 

Jonny: We record our power when we ride, which is what most pro cyclists use to gauge their training these days, but it’s our coach that looks at that rather than us mostly, and it’s really useful to review at the end of the month to make sure we are on track.

Alistair: We know what we need to do to get ready for our season and we have been doing it for a while, which is different from someone wanting to focus on a particular challenge, or to get fit. Getting feedback can then be really useful, and also very motivational, as you see your times drop for a certain distance or you can do the same time at a lower heart rate, for example.  

Mobile Choice: What apps do you like using? What are your five favourite apps and why? 

Alistair: We use whatsapp all of the time to communicate with our training groups, which is great. I use a lot of weather apps as well, which I like doing, but is often a bit pointless in Yorkshire in the winter.

Jonny: We use all sorts of Apps now, especially when we’re travelling a lot over summer. Little games to keep us occupied on planes, and the TripAdvisor app to help us find good restaurants when we are in new cities. 

Mobile Choice: Which aspect of Xperia Z3 did you enjoy using the most during the challenge? (The brothers concluded the 2-day challenge with Sony Xperia Z3)

Jonny: It was great having maps on demand. Alistair always gets us lost, so it was nice to have the reassurance of the map. 

Alistair: Even though it was really cold in Loch Lomond, I really enjoyed messing about with the camera underwater, getting pics of Jonny swimming.

(All the action, as well as how far the brothers travelled on a single charge, can also be tracked on Twitter at @SonyXperiaGB using the hashtag #GoTheDistance)

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