Can virtual reality be a reality for under £200? Yes!

When you say VR to the everyday consumer it sounds like science fiction and a bit distant dream to geeks but thanks to Samsung this is all about to change.

The arrival of the Samsung Gear V in-store next month will mean owning your very own VR headset will no longer be a distant dream.

Not only do you get a your personal VR headset but because you have to use the Galaxy Note 4’s screen  consumers will not have shell out a fortune to buy a separate device making it much more appealing.

There is nothing worse then buying a peice of expensive tech to use 3-4 times, your phone on the other hand is something you use daily.

But, what is great VR equipment without great content? Well, don’t worry- the guys over at nDreams have been busy creating two VR titles that will make the Gear VR an irresistable buy.

I got the chance to try out two VR titles from game maker nDreams, Gunner and Perfect Beach. Two very different experiences that made me want to run out and buy a Gear VR and Note 4.

Perfect Beach lets you experience your own perfect private beach, lay back listen to your own music and you can even activate the guided meditation mode while relaxing all this while looking at your very own idyllic beach.

Gunner transforms you to the year 2167- millions are under threat as rebels declare was on humanity. You take on several missions and control weapons using your headset as you shoot the enemy down getting one step close to winning the war.

nDreams have done a great job on both titles and I quickly took on both roles and was quickly immersed in this new VR world.

Talking about VR is tough as it is something you really have to experience to really get it, it is like trying to sell the benefits of HD using a 1950's b&w TV...

You simply have to strap on a Gear VR when they land in store and try it out, and I’m sure you will quickly be at the till giving them your hard earned cash in a matter of minutes.

The Gear VR headset is expected to sell for £159 and if Samsung bundle the Gear VR with a Galaxy Note 4 plus a operator subsidy then for the consumer- this will be a no brainer.

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