Facebook at work! Surprised? Don't be

By Jay Jay

Rumours about Facebook covertly working on a new product designed to be operated exclusively for office use are doing the rounds lately.

Named ‘Facebook at Work’, the social networking giant’s worst kept secret is believed to help employees connect with each other and other professionals across the globe and collaborate on documents. This sounds like good news for the lot whose official cultures do not allow access to Facebook in the first place.

Indeed, most corporate houses across the globe do view Facebook as a major deterrent to efficiency and a waste of ‘productive hours’. However, in a move to endear itself to corporate beliefs, Facebook is believed to keep the user’s personal profiles and professional profiles separate, thereby maintaining privacy and efficiency at the same time.

Will it be a smooth ride?

Corporate connectivity domains around the world are at present plump with options. With the popular Microsoft Office tools in place to cater to all requirements, emerging applications like LinkedIn and Google Drive provide additional options for users to connect and share information with associates and connected professionals.

As such, Facebook’s global presence and unique platform would make it more acceptable and easier to understand for professionals given that the new product is believed to retain similar blue and white features of the original networking domain.

Will it be profitable?

It is believed that like the usual Facebook domain, the ‘Facebook at Work’ product will initially be available for free.

Advertising revenues would be expected to fill up the coffers despite reservations that advertisement around portals with confidential deals taking place might be a security risk for corporate exterprises.

Release date?

There has been no formal communication by Facebook related to the new product till date. However, given how Facebook is keen on dominating the networking space through recent acquisitions of social networking domains like Instagram and Whatsapp and associate platforms like Branch and PrivateCore, we might get to see Facebook at Work being unveiled as early as 2015.

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