Five ways to stay cosy this autumn

Smart thermostats can be controlled remotely using smartphones/ tablets or desktop computers. With Google buying Nest, smart thermostats are now the hottest home accessory to have this winter!

Quite a few of them like Nest and the tado° learn and adapt to your behaviour which could end up saving you some serious cash.

British Gas Hive

Hive Active Heating is built around a dashboard, which enables users to manage your home’s temperature using a smart device.‘Design’ a heating schedules and alter your home’s temperature whenever you want using Geolocation. The device can automatically turn the heating on if you are on holiday- saving you a colossal amount of bother, time and money. It alerts you when you've gone out and left your heating on, or when you're returning home and the temperature's set lower than you'd like. You can get a Hive for £199 (including installation) or £149 is you’re a British Gas customer.


Nest learns your habits, i.e. what time you leave the house on weekdays and based around it creates a personalised “heating schedule”. Eventually, the Learning Thermostat will know so much about your habits that you’ll never have to change the temperature by hand. The Nest also has a motion sensor, which can detect when your home is empty and doesn’t need to be heated. It also allows you to control your heating via your smart phone, tablet or desktop. The Nest Learning Thermostat can be purchased for £249 (including installation) on Nest’s website or as part of an npower's Intelligent Control October 2016 energy plan.

Scottish Power Connect

Connect allows you to control your heating remotely or create a daily schedule, or simply turn it off when you go on holiday. The app, available on iOS and Android (but only to ScottishPower customers), also enables you to “boost” your heating if you need it to be warm in a short space of time. The design also makes it easy to put your current schedule on “hold” should something change. So if, for example, you miss your train home, you can simply pause the schedule to avoid heating up an empty home. Customers can pay an upfront fee of £66 and then a monthly payment of £9.94 per month for two years, or spend £12.69 every month for two years with no other fees.


The tado° device learns from users’ behaviour and tries to match your home’s temperature to your preferences, in the most energy efficient way possible. When the home is empty, it turns the heating off and when it detects your coming back from work, for example, it begins to turn the heating up. The system also takes into account weather conditions and, according to tado°’s manufacturers, can help users save 26% on their energy bills. The app is available via iOS or Android device. The product will set you back £249 or you can rent it for £6.99 per month. If you opt for the rental plan you will be happy to hear that if you don’t save £100 in your first year, you will have one year’s rental fees refunded.

Honeywell Evohome

Evohome split your home into various “smart zones”, in which you can control the heating individually. For example it’s a cold day and you have guests coming round, you can heat up the spare room so they’re comfortable when they arrive. Evohome has the usual array of smart thermostat features, including allowing you to remotely control your heating, it can even detect temperature changes, such as an open window, and adapts accordingly. Honeywell’s evohome prices start at £249 (installation not included) and a further £70 for each device needed to create a smart zone.

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