My date with Cortana

1. Wakey , Wakey

I instructed Cortana to ‘Wake me up at 7am tomorrow morning’ and like an ever-obliging personal assistant she set my alarm and did just that. The next day my alarm sounded and I was up and ready to spend a day with her to see if she was, really, any good.

2. Blame it on the weatherman!

Being British, I’m naturally obsessed with the weather and so turned to her (again!) for advice before leaving the house. I asked: ‘Will I need an umbrella today?’ and her reply was a vehement ‘no’ and showed me the current weather forecast for the day. Call me silly, but just to see if I could wind her up, I asked for it in Fahrenheit- which she did. As I had a meeting in Bristol I wanted to make sure the weather was going to be ok (I am from London and Bristol is a different country, well almost!) so asked Cortana ‘Will it be sunny in Bristol today?’ And she pulled up the forecast for Bristol with ease.

3. My coffee fix

Before I get into the office, I need my coffee and I need it before I can have a conversation with my colleagues. Before getting into work, I asked her, ‘Find me some great coffee shops, please? She show me a list of coffee shops based near me plus the distance from where I was. Interestingly, because I used the word ‘great’- she only displayed shops with a four start rating or above. After I had selected Café Nero, she even opened up the HERE maps to show me how to get there.

4. Finger on the pulse

Hitting my desk early I had 20minutes to spare and wanted to be upto speed on the going-ons on The Apprentice. I didn't want any spoilers so asked Cortana to ‘show me news on The Apprentice’ followed by the latest business news and she pulled up the latest headlines from the news and even told me when the where last updated or published.

5. Calorie counting

I’m always watching the scales and since going on a diet, I need to know the calorie count of everything! Standing in the middle of Sainsbury at lunchtime and trying to figure out calorie-count was no easy task.‘How many calories in an Orange?’ As was becoming a pattern, she knew. 62 calories in an Orange that is 6.5cms in diameter. Cortana clearly knows her stuff, I also checked how many were in a donut and promptly took them out of the basket when I found out. 190, if you want to find out too!

6. Name that tune, Cortana!

I heard a song playing on the background of a YouTube video I was watching and I could identify it… I knew! I knew it!! But just couldn’t recall it Cortana knew. Ready or Not by the Fugees And when I clicked on the result she beamed me over to Xbox music store- giving me the option to purchase it.

7. Tom Cruise

Me and my best friend often meet up for dinner and as we eat talk about some of the greatest mysteries in life like ‘What’s the meaning of life or even bigger mind blowing questions like ‘How tall is Tom Cruise?’ Before we could even get into a spat over who was right, I guessed 5’5” while my mate guessed 5’2” So we decided to ask Cortana as she would clearly know right? How tall is Tom Cruise. Cortana? Tom Cruise is 5’ 7”, she replied. Ok, we both got it wrong but as least my answer was closer to the right one…

8. Who’s your Daddy?

As I got home and told my friend about all the cool things Cortana could do and all my housemate wanted to do was ask my personal assistant silly questions! She grabbed the phone off me ands asked Cortana, ‘Who’s your Daddy?’ Her reply was ‘Bill Gates- technically speaking. That’d be Bill Gates. No big deal!’ proving that she actually has a personality. I then asked her to tell me a joke and she did. I also requested that she sing me a song and she sang ‘Row, row, row your boat’ showing that she really IS a great personal assistant.

Did you know?

The name Cortana comes from the artificial intelligence character in Microsoft's Halo video game series, which is voiced by Jen Taylor?

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