Tesco Hudl 2 hands-on: Cheap and very cheerful

The Hudl 2 is Tesco’s second stab at creating a tablet for the masses. And this time it has taken the spec, look and price to the next level but keeping it still affordable to the average Tesco customer. The challenge for Tesco was to make a better device while keeping the price down and it seems to have got the balance just right.

Ok, yes, it has raised the price to £129 - compared to the £119 original - but given it now has an 8.3-inch Full HD display, Dolby optimised sound, a quad-core Intel processor and a better-looking design, the Hudl 2 is really well put together.

The first thing you notice about the Hudl 2 is the new rubberised design; it feels great in the hand and Tesco has reduced the thickness so it feels in keeping with more higher-end tablets.

There are a number of ports for expansion, which is  nice to see on a budget device; you get a miniHDMI out as well as a microSD slot and a micro USB port for charging.

What I found very impressive on the Hudl 2 is the screen. Full HD may not be the latest breakthrough on tablets but it does look very impressive on a 8.3-inch display.  The screen will not disappoint when it comes to watching films or streaming content on the go when connected to Wi-Fi.

Tesco has made the Hudl 2 ideal for families as it has a built-in parental control app which is very easy to setup and use. Parents can control the amount of time their kid can play a game and what access they have to the internet, as well as create up to seven profiles, which can each be customised in terms of age and suitability.

 Early Verdict

The Tesco Hudl 2 is a really fantastic tablet for £129 and if you have clubcard points you can get it for as little as £65, as the value of points doubles when put towards certain products, Hudl 2 included.

And if that wasn’t enough to get you a bit excited, the Hudl 2 also comes with £60 worth of vouchers in the box. The screen looks good, the size is decent and the only niggle for me was that the speakers are placed on the back, facing away from the user; I feel they should have been on the front.

The internal specs are decent and if I received one as a Christmas gift I would be happy to use it as my occasional tablet - or even gift it to my mum who has never used a tablet before. You really can’t ask for more for £129; early indications show that Tesco are on to a winner with his one.

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