Apple iPad mini 2 vs Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

Sony’s all-new Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact is a mid-size tablet aimed at competing directly with the iPad mini and Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 - here we’ve pitched it up against the Apple slate to see which comes out on top.

In the table below we’ve compared the two tablet’s vital measurements, with the winner of each stat highlighted in bold.

Looking at the pure numbers it’s a comfortable win for the Sony, as the year-old iPad fails to match its processor, RAM and waterproofing. The screen sizes are just about identical, and the Apple just about takes the titles of most pixels - but in reality the screens are just about identical, with the Sony appearing more widescreen than the squarer iPad.

The camera is also an area where the Apple falls short at just 5-megapixels to the Sony’s 8.1 - but a much larger battery capacity should see the iPad last longer, although we’ll have to thoroughly test both tabs back-to-back to find the definitive answer.

As for look and feel, the Apple - for us at least - has the upper hand thanks to its aluminium body, but the Sony’s plastic back feels good and means it weighs a noticeable chunk less. It’s also a fair bit thinner than the iPad, too.

Of course a lot of the toing and froing between these two tablets will boil down to their software, and while it’s starting to sound like a tired cliche, it is still true that iOS has more quality apps (especially for tablets) than Android.

Developers are slowly putting this right - no doubt thanks to the interest gorgeous Android tabs like the Sony Z3 Compact are getting - so hopefully things will even out soon.

In the meantime, we feel confident in saying this Sony is one of the best - if not, the best - small Android tablet yet, well and truly taking the fight to Samsung and it’s equally-sized Galaxy Tab S 8.4.

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