Top 5 smartphones for under £100

Oversaturated as it is, the value range of the market has some stonking good deals but need a little bit of wading through to spot.

While there are some brilliant ones, the others fall by the way so we have combed through this year's archive to come up with a fab selection that will make you want to go and buy the phones not just for the super keen price points but also for the features that they come packed with...

Afterall, schoolyard brag-tastic phones needn't cost the earth!

Vodafone Smart speed 6

Hard to beat value


Solidly plastic and available in a choice of two colour options for the back: Anthracite and Silver, Vodafone's Smart speed 6 dosn't break any design moulds but focusses more on getting the internals right and succeeds. Robust camera, easy to hold form factor and fast 4G at the price of a weekly grocery shop for a family fo 3 makes it an irresistable offer.

Microsoft Lumia 535

Full review of Lumia 535 here



Ideal for Windows Phone-on-a-budget seekers, the 535 comes with Lives Tiles that made Nokia phones stand slightly apart from the Android competition - and of course interchangeable covers that again helps make the phone a little more individual. It comes pre-packaged with Mixradio- a free music streaming service that we swear by.
The battery life is very good and the Windows interface means that you can easily share content between your PC, Xbox and Windows 8 tablet. The expandable storage goes up to 128GB and decent screen and competent processor just go to seal its place among the best budget handsets.

Motorola Moto E

In-depth review of Moto E here


Priced at just £89, the Motorola Moto E brings an air of quality to the budget Android market. The camera might be a let-down, but the phone's design, screen, operating system and performance add up to make it a very stronger contender in the sub-£100 bracket.

HTC 510


Driven by a quad-core processor for the 4G network, the HTC Desire 510 displays rich graphics, juggles between multiple apps and provides the smooth gaming of a premium smartphone

Vodafone Smart ultra 6

Full review of Vodafone Smart ultra 6 here



I know, I know... how can I have two phones from the same manufacturer in the top five? Because the phones are so bloody brilliant, that's why! Affordable, great quality and an incredibly good spec sheet sets the Smart ultra 6 head and shoulders above its competitors. Whether it is browsing the web or watching HD movies, the octa-core (yup, you heard that right!) processor copes without breaking sweat. This is a solid product that achieves more than its competitors in an over-crowded dog-eat-dog market.

Yes, it costs £15 more than the budget we set for ourselves but for the set of specs you get on this phablet, it is totally worth it!

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    Based on your review I bought Smart Ultra 6. Had an iPhone 6 previously and I have to tell you I'm absolutely delighted with it, seriously, how can a ...

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    thank youvery enjoyable review.

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