This is how the iPhone 6 will still fit comfortably in one hand, despite the larger screen.

The iPhone 6 will launch next month with a 4.7-inch screen, 0.7in larger than the iPhone 5s and 5 which went before it - but four physical tweaks will make holding the phone comfortably in one hand still possible. These photographs of leaked components show how Apple has overcome the ergonomic drawbacks of a big-screen phone.

Tapered edges

Firstly, the screen will be curved, or tapered, slightly at the corners, helping to reduce the thickness of the handset and make it easier to grasp in one hand. At first it was thought the display itself would be curved, like the Samsung Galaxy Round and LG G Flex, but now it looks certain that it will remain flat. Instead, the glass - or possibly super strong sapphire crystal - protecting the display will be tapered.

A thinner body

One of the earliest rumours about the iPhone 6 was that it would be thinner than the iPhone 5s. At 7.6mm, Apple’s current handset is already one of the thinnest on the market, but the rumour mill claims around a millimeter has been chopped off to make the phone both look and feel sleeker. A thinner phone means a phone which is easier to hold - and reaching to the top corners of the larger screen with your thumb will still be possible.

Less space below the Home button

The most recent leak - a photograph sourced by reliable tipster Sonny Dickson and published by USwitch - shows how the iPhone 6 will have less space beneath its home button. It may only be a millimeter or two, but this small change will again help to make the top of the screen reachable. Thinner bezels (the space either side of the display) will also help to create the same effect.

Repositioned power button

All iPhones to date have had the power button on the top, where it can be pressed by stretching your index around the top corner. But with a larger screen this becomes impossible - or at best a tough lesson in finger yoga - so with the iPhone 6 Apple will follow most other manufacturers and move the button to half-way down the right side.

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