Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs Apple iPhone 6 Expectations

Samsung isn’t afraid of going head-to-head with Apple and the iPhone. But where in previous years the newest Galaxy S would arrive several months before the latest iPhone, making it impossible to compare the two fairly, Samsung is now pointing both barrels directly at Apple - the new Galaxy Alpha will launch within weeks of the iPhone 6.

Announced this week and going on sale in September, the Galaxy Alpha is a phone to bring Samsung into a new era of handset design. For too long the company was ridiculed for producing phones with strong performance, software, screens and cameras, but with cheap-feeling plastic bodies.

This is no longer the case, as the Galaxy Alpha has a metal body which is just 6.7mm thick and weighs 114g - both of these stats will give Apple cause for concern, and what’s more, the Alpha’s 4.7-inch screen is exactly the same size as we expect to see on the iPhone 6.

Below we’ve compared the Alpha’s specs against what we expect from the iPhone 6 when it arrives in September. All iPhone 6 stats are currently estimates based on leaks and rumours seen so far - having said that, we’re confident about the screen size and resolution.

But more than numbers, it is the Galaxy Alpha’s premium metal design and screen size which demonstrate most clearly what Samsung is up to. Now it can be compared directly to its biggest and most successful flagship rival - but in doing so, has Samsung admitted that the Galaxy S5’s 5-inch screen is too big for the average, mass-market consumer?

We are interested to see how Samsung markets the Galaxy Alpha - will it be the flagship, or will that title remain with the bigger, plastic Galaxy S5? And how will the Alpha be priced? The Alpha is described by Samsung as “perfect for those that want style without compromising on performance.”

With both phones arriving in the next couple of months, along with Google’s Android L and Apple’s iOS 8 operating systems and their emphasis on health tracking, the smartphone market is about to get a serious shot in the arm.


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