6 reasons why the iPhone 6 will be better than the iPhone 5s

We all know Apple announces its new iPhone in September and this year will be no different. The iPhone 6 - which is actually be the ninth handset in the series - will be announced next month and will have a new of changes, both inside and out, compared to the iPhone 5s.

Apple is tipped to be hosting a media event on 9 September, where the iPhone 6 will be revealed for the first time.

Based on all of the rumours, leaks and speculation we’ve heard so far, here are six reasons why the iPhone 6 will be better than the iPhone 5s.

1. A bigger screen

The iPhone 5s has a 4-inch screen, and the iPhone 6 will have a 4.7in screen. That may not sound like a major change, but it’s enough to bring the iPhone closer to rivals phones from Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG.

This will give game and application developers more space to experiment with, it’ll benefit anyone guilty of all-day Netflix binges - and although it might make the iPhone less easy to use in one hand, Apple has wisely chosen to avoid breaching the 5-inch barrier, where we feel phones become almost too big.

2. A thinner design

Despite having a larger screen, the iPhone 6 will be thinner than the already-slim 5s and 5c. The current 5s is 7.6mm thick, but the 6 is believed to measure barely more than 5.5mm - this may sound like a tiny change, but in  percentage terms it means a saving of some 20%. This will help combat the discomfort brought on by the larger screen - if it’s thinner then it should still fit in your hand comfortably.

3. A faster, more powerful processor

Every year Apple announced a new processor for the iPhone and iPad - this year we expect it to be called the A8, following on from last year’s A7. Apple never reveals the speed, RAM or number of cores of its processors, but we expect to see plenty of boasting of how many times faster the new chip is compared to its predecessor. As for comparing it to the competition, we’ll only know how the iPhone 6 stacks up once we’ve got it (and some Android flagships) in our hands.

4. Two size options

Not only will Apple announce a 4.7-inch iPhone 6, but it is also widely expected to announce a huge 5.5-inch model as well. It isn’t clear yet if both handsets will arrive at the same time - it’#s thought the bigger model will come later in the year. The rumour mill claims the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will offer an improved rear camera with optical image stabilisation, and perhaps sapphire crystal to protect the screen.

5. A health-tracking application

We already know the next iPhone will run iOS 8, Apple’s next mobile software, which is available for developers to download and experiment with now. Included in iOS 8 is an app called Health which records data from a wide range of health and fitness tracking wearable gadgets. Health also includes a pedometer, which uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to measure the number of steps you make and the distance you walk or run each day.

What’s most exciting is the prospect of Apple creating its own wearable fitness tracker, dubbed the iWatch. No such gadget has yet leaked from Apple’s supply chain, but we fully expect to see one in either late 2014 or early 2015.

6. Improved battery life

The biggest complaint from many iPhone users is the poor battery life. This is partly a problem shared by all smartphone, but one the iPhone suffers from more than most because its small screen means there isn’t space for a bigger battery.

But, by increasing the screen size Apple has also given itself space for a larger battery. Assuming the extra pixels don’t suck up too much power, then the iPhone 6 should offer more stamina than all previous models.


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