Best apps for 0-3-year-olds

Fireworks app


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Guaranteed to hold attention in an age-group where concentration span is usually measured in seconds, you or baby has to just tap the screen to create a firework display. With every swipe/tap you get newer colours and displays and to really jazz things up, you can select from a number of themes. Should give you some time to go make yourself a cuppa!

Ladybird Babytouch apps (Happy Babies and Peekaboo)




These apps, based on Ladybird’s best-selling Baby Touch books have all it takes to mesmerise babies- high-contrast colours and patterns and a soothing voice-over. Might even lull them to sleep if you are lucky!  





The premise is simple- you have a pet fish who is always hungry and you tap the screen to feed it and help it grow out of a fish-bowl into a castle. Typical rags to riches storyline but with food. And because it is animated and uncomplicated, a hit with the crawlers, just don’t go thinking about the mental state of the fish.

Kids Doodle


iOS, Android

This is the one where your phone/tablet turns into a scribble pad with baby choosing paint-brushes at random. Absolutely fab app to have as a back-up when all else fails: toys are flung out of the buggy and a meltdown seems imminent. Hand them the tablet, sit down, regroup your thoughts and you’re ready to go! Also, think how many trees you save without all that paper!

-          With very helpful inputs from Dylan (15 months), Oscar, Isla, Hannah, Rohan (3.5) & Tanisha (6)

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