Graduation Day brought to you by Google Glass

A sentimental and personal account of Sheffield University graduation day was filmed by Munyaradzi Chawawa through his pair of Google Glass. The innovative new gadget was only released in the UK last month, and the University graduate has managed to become the first person to film a whole day using the wearable technology – and after some editing it has become a poignant montage of clips from the day, backed by Munyaradzi’s commentary.

The poignancy of Glass is shown through the student’s video, with clear footage and no blips when he walks about – and it is clearly no hassle, as theatres have recently permitted the use of Google glasses (cinemas have yet to allow this).

People have been trying to push boundaries with Glass as was shown by Chef Roy Choi who also explored how the glasses can help with cooking, and showed us that by voice command you can look recipes up, record them, and multitask with other apps and features of the gadget at the same time. As well as this people have recorded using Google Glass to navigate themselves around mountains, and dictate and organise notes on animals as they travel around Africa.

Back to Graduation Day, the 3:30 minute long video starts off with Chawawa brushing his teeth and encapsulates one of the most memorable days of a graduate’s life.


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