24 Things 90's Kids Remember About Their Mobile Phones

As phone manufacturers look to cram as many features as they can into their latest handsets, we look back to a simpler time when a Snake highscore was more important than how many megapixels your camera had.

1) The battery lasted for days.

2) Your credit lasted for minutes.

3) Duh-du-du-duhh-du-du-duhh. The television knows about that incoming text message before you do.

4) Txt spk. Say no more. 

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5) If your name began with A, elderly family members would sit on their phone and call you by accident.

6) Nokia 3310 replacement covers. Everywhere.

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7) Snake. 

8) Multiplayer gaming was possible - but only if you held your phones together and stood very still.

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9) The WAP browser was terrible in every way, as was any game you spent half an hour downloading. Especially ones that cost a fiver (half your credit).

10) Noisy keyboards made sending a text under the school desk a challenge.

11) Your text message inbox was a convoluted mess and texting the wrong person was one, terrifying button press away.

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12) Pressing 1 eighteen times to find the asterisk, only to accidentally pass it. Twice.

13) Taking photos of strangers in Pizza Hut, finding their phone via Bluetooth and sending them the photo. No? Just me then.

14) Start sending an image via Bluetooth, then running to opposite ends of the school playground to see how far it would travel.

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15) Being unreasonably jealous of the first kid to get polyphonic ringtones. 

16) Getting a new ringtone meant texting a premium rate number in the back of a magazine. Same for grey, pixilated screensavers the size of a postage stamp. £2.99 well spent.

17) Downloading Crazy Frog (for at least £4.99) the moment you got your first polyphonic phone.


18) Immediately hating Crazy Frog with every fibre of your being.

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19) Having £5 lifted from your credit by a custom ringtone service every time you topped up.

20) Topping up by £20 made you feel like a millionaire. 

21) This guy.


22) Giving your Nokia 3310 a new cover which made it look a bit like a better Nokia. Probably just me again on that one. 

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23) A 0.3-megapixel camera was the bee’s knees, but looking back you’d have been better off etching each image into the playground wall with a rusty nail.

24) Mobiles in the 90s may have had their downsides, but at least they didn’t smash into a thousand pieces when you dropped them.


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