Samsung Galaxy S5 Buyers' Guide

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the most hotly-anticipated smartphones of 2014, and it can now be pre-ordered from most networks ahead of its 11 April release date - but with so many tariff options out there, which is the best one for you?




EE has 10 different tariffs for the Galaxy S5, and while the phone can’t be had for free on any deal, you can snap up Samsung’s latest and greatest for just £9.99 on the network’s £49.99 per month plan. This two-year deal comes with unlimited calls and texts, plus 5GB of 4G data per month.


Spend a little more on the up-front cost - £59.99 to be exact - and EE’s £37.99 per month plan comes with 4GB of 4G data, plus unlimited calls and texts.


To further lure you into signing on the dotted line, EE is offering a free return flight from the UK to any one of 12 European cities for everyone who pre-orders the S5 between now and 10 April.




Vodafone’s Galaxy S5 contracts start from £24 per month, but for this you will have to pay £169 for the phone and you receive just 300 minutes and 250MB of 3G data per month, plus unlimited texts, for your money - fine if you rarely use your phone, but perhaps not the best for most mobile-savvy S5 buyers.


A better option is Vodafone’s £37 per month deal, which comes with a free Galaxy S5, unlimited calls and texts, and 1GB of 3G data per month.


If you want to make the jump to 4G prices start at £42 per month. For this the S5 is free if you trade in your old phone and you get 3GB of 4G data, unlimited calls and texts (as Vodafone offers with all 4G deals), plus six months of either free Spotify Unlimited music streaming, or Sky Sports mobile TV.


Up your bill to £52 per month and you get 5GB of 4G data, plus the same free Spotify or Sky Sports deal, but this time for the entire length of your 24-month contract. For the most data-hungry users, Vodafone offers 13GB per month for £62.




To keep things simple, all of O2’s Galaxy S5 tariffs come with unlimited calls and texts, and all provide 4G access when the company’s network becomes available in your area as part of an ongoing roll-out process.


Tariffs start at £38 per month, which comes with 2GB of monthly data and an up-front cost of £69.99. O2’s £48 per month deal comes with 5GB of data and makes the Galaxy S5 free. For those who need more data, 8GB can be had for either £53 per month (with a free phone), or £48 per month (with the phone costing £39.99).


As a further incentive, O2 has teamed up with the Sun newspaper to offer its Sun+ Goals service, offering free footage of every Premier League goal on tariffs with either 5GB or 8GB of data per month.




Three’s Galaxy S5 deals start at £38 for 2GB of data (3G or 4G, the price doesn’t change), plus 600 minutes and unlimited texts. All of Three’s tariffs charge an up-front fee of £69 for the Galaxy S5.


Unlimited, or ‘all-you-can-eat’ data from Three, plus 600 minutes, costs £41 per month, while unlimited calls, texts and 2GB of data is £41 per month, and finally unlimited calls, data (capped at a massive 1,000GB) and texts is £44 per month - plus that £69 up-front cost.




Finally, the Galaxy S5 can be bought-SIM free from a number of outlets. Samsung itself has the 16GB model listed for £649, while online retailer Clove is charging £534.



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