5 reasons to invest in a smartwatch

As wearable tech moves from being a buzzword into an everyday sight adorning the technocrati, is it time you got yourself some digital bling?

Here are our top five reasons a smartwatch could be the brainiest bit of gear you put on in the morning... 

It’s the humble watch’s comeback

Wearing a wristwatch has become a real rarity since mobile phones took over. With the clock face or digital numbers displayed proudly on a handset’s screen, it’s possible to do without another time piece altogether. Yet with a watch in plain sight once more you never have to tell your significant other “I didn’t realise the time!” ever again. 

Enhance your wardrobe

Forget the geek chic of those 1980s calculator or Pac-Man watches – modern wearable tech knows it has to fit into a range of wardrobes and comes in a variety of designs and colours to match even the most glamorous lifestyle. And that means a lot more than the sexist fad of producing a pink version “for the ladies”. 

Get your chat on

A smartwatch is simply a speakerphone that’s not clipped to your car’s sun visor. Walking down the street and a call comes through? Answer it with a swipe or click of the watch and chat away like comic-strip detective Dick Tracy (Google him) prophesised all those years ago. 

It keeps you alert

We don’t mean in the way those caffeine-fuelled cans of dance juice do, but in a one-eye-constantly-on-Twitter kind of way. Important messages or emails can flash up onto the screen so you can see if that social event’s happening tonight, while sitting in a meeting with your needy boss. Sorted.

Amaze your friends! 

With smartphones that sense your hovering finger, fingerprint scanners, voice search and camera functions that start shooting before you actually click the shutter, it’s getting harder to be on the bleeding edge of technology. Wow (or horrify) your mates by shooting an unexpected pic using your watch. 

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