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These days there’s plenty of choice when it comes to streaming movies and TV over the internet. Catch-up services such as iPlayer offer free access to BBC programmes and films shown that week. Commercial time-shifting services such as ITV Player and 4oD are free to play but make money by showing adverts. However, there are also plenty of services which charge for newer, premium content. These can usually be watched on smartphones, tablets, PCs, games consoles, internet-connected TVs, set-top boxes or Blu-ray players. Here are some of the best...


This service offers a host of TV series and movies, with titles added each week. Films tend to be a little older, while TV is much fresher. Exclusive original content produced by Netflix itself has also included a new season of Arrested Devlopment, House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black. | One month free, £5.99 per month

Lovefilm instant

This online service provides thousands of titles at no extra cost to your normal LoveFilm DVD subscription, as long as it isn’t a ‘light’ account. Films are also a little older online with LoveFilm, although the newer titles sent out by post help counter that. | 30 days free, £7.99 per month


Tesco’s online service shows movies in the DVD release window, which means its selection of titles is more current than online films from both Netflix and LoveFilm. There’s no subscription and movies and TV episodes are purchased on an individual basis. | from 99p to £4.49 per rental


Apple locks users into its system, meaning even those downloading movies on a PC will need to pay for and play the content within the iTunes software. That won’t bother Apple’s huge army of users but may put others off. | from 2.49p to £4.49 per rental

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