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Your home network may have terabytes of storage available to handle even the biggest media files, but what about all that content clogging up the memory on your smartphone? This is where online storage comes in, with options available for every platform.

Apple ioS


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Built into iOS and Apple Mac devices, iCloud now includes a copy of every song and movie you bought in iTunes. iTunes Match also lets you take music you’ve purchased elsewhere and store it in iCloud for a yearly fee. All of this media can be streamed to any device running iCloud, including PCs.| 5 GB free, £14 per year for 10gB extra, iTunes Match £21.99 per year


Google drive

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Google Drive provides access to files on any computer or mobile device where it’s installed, as well as being easily accessible via a browser. Its DriveTunes music player can play audio files right from Google Drive, too. | 5 GB free, $29.88 per year for 25 GB extra


Storage made easy

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This free file management app can view and manage files on lots of different cloud services. This includes major services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and Microsoft SkyDrive, so you could just use the free 5GB-7GB on each and never pay for storage again. | free

Windows Phone


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SkyDrive has been built into Windows Phone handsets so the set up procedure is as simple as entering your Microsoft account details. This automatically syncs your photos, movies and other files, with media being streamed directly from | 7 GB free, $10 per year for 20 GB extra

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