Five... Reasons to upgrade to a phablet



Movies on the move

While it’s perfectly possible to enjoy a bit of telly or even a full-length film on a standard smartphone, it’s not much fun squinting at a dinky display for an hour or more. Phablets pack much bigger screens, usually with a sharp resolution, which makes them a great way to take in a movie on your commute or trip abroad. Action movies and sports, where there’s usually a lot going on in a small area, benefit in particular.


Gaming machine

Those enormous screens are also a great way to game on the go. Many action games use on-screen buttons for control, and tapping these tiny virtual blobs can be really hit-and-miss on a compact smartphone screen – plus you’ll get horrendous thumb cramp. Multiply the screen real estate and suddenly it’s much more comfortable, and your flailing digits don’t block the screen so badly.


Get creative

Samsung’s Galaxy Note devices come with built-in styluses, while Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra allows you to scribble on the screen with a normal pencil. That’s great news for creative users, who can doodle to their heart’s content. These phablets are great for simply scribbling notes too, and most phablets allow you to multitask – for instance, jotting down info while browsing the web or watching video.


Why use two devices...

Lots of people now carry a tablet as well as a smartphone, for those moments when a smaller screen just doesn’t cut it. Why bother, when you can split the difference and just slip a phablet into your bag? It’s one less device to lug around, and one less device to charge every day too.


Attention Seeker

You crave the attention of everyone, even complete strangers, and what better way to get it than by pulling out an enormous smartphone on the tube or bus? When reviewing the many phablets we’ve seen this year, we’ve experienced many raised eyebrows, shifty glances and even the odd ‘what the hell is that?’

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