Five Ways To... Share your photos and videos online

You’ve bagged yourself a smartphone with a whizzy top-of-the-range camera, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom or the Nokia Lumia 925, and snapped your cat doing various hilarious things. Now you’ll want to share your snaps and movies with the world, and here’s five easy ways to do so...




YouTube post photos from your smartphone online

Facebook is still one of the best ways to create a digital photo album, which only your family and friends can access. Create an album and stick your photos in, add some captions, and then ‘tag’ any of your mates who appear in the photos by clicking on their faces. A notification will pop up in your buddy’s account letting them know that they’ve been tagged, so they can check out their mug and leave a comment if it’s a particularly horrendous photo.


Twitter (and Vine)


Twitter post photos from your smartphone online

Twitter is a great way to share photos on the fly, quickly and easily. Almost every modern phone allows you to post a photo to Twitter directly from your gallery, along with a brief comment. This will then appear in your followers’ timelines. Twitter recently teamed up with Vine, which also allows users to post up short six-second videos. Most Vines are pointless, but it’s one way to share a vid of your mate drunkenly falling off their bar stool.




YouTube post photos from your smartphone online

It’s been around for donkeys but YouTube is more popular than ever, and an easy way for joe public to share its shonky home movies with the world. Video uploading is simple, with a wide variety of supported formats, and you can make your movies public or private to keep the general public at bay. Friends can leave comments and ‘like’ your video, but beware the infamous trolling commenters who happily leave abusive messages.




Tumblr post photos from your smartphone online

Tumblr is a funky mash-up of blogging site and social media network, where you can post up your media for anyone to take a look. Most Tumblr blogs follow a theme – for instance, you can browse recipe Tumblrs, holiday Tumblrs and so on. Throw up a selection of snaps and label them, and people can view them as a scrollable page. Some Tumblrs become crazily popular for offering something a bit different, so try something a little surreal to get noticed.




Instagram post photos from your smartphone online

A ridiculously popular platform for sharing photos, almost always with an obligatory sepia filter, Instagram used to be iOS only but has spread to Android now. You can actually edit your photos and videos using the basic tools, adding weird effects before uploading. Now you can share with other social networks too, including Twitter and Tumblr.

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