Overheating iPhones and other summer disasters

Those of you who don’t reside in a gloomy basement office all day long may have noticed a big, bright, hot thing dangling in the sky. Yep, summer’s here at last, but as Britain races to the parks and beaches, our mobile phones are in danger of destruction. Just today Twitter has been flooded with woeful tales from iPhone users, as their precious smartphone blasts them with the following misery-inducing message...



So, how can you prevent your own mobile from overheating under the sun’s ferocious glare? Well, it’s all about awareness. If you’re blasting through the latest games outside at noon, chances are good that the vicious combo of processor + sun will make your mobile pretty toasty. If the phone’s exterior is heating up, try turning it off for a bit, limiting your use to more basic functions and find a bit of shade out of direct sunlight (even if this means simply turning your back on the sun). Make sure you don’t leave your phone sat out in the sun either – stick it in a bag or pocket when not in use.

Of course, it’s not just the sun that you need to be careful of this summer. Here’s some top tips to ensure your phone doesn’t meet an untimely demise...


1. Brush off a beating


It’s pretty obvious that your smartphone will take a pounding if you’re outside partying all day. It’s all too easy to drop it, sit on it or watch it fly out of your pocket when you’re busting some moves at a gig. Keep your mobile safe with a case which wraps around the back and edges, while screen protectors are a cheap way to keep your precious display from getting scratched up.


2. Death by water


The most common cause of mobile phone demise is a quick dunk in liquids, be it a swimming pool or a pint of cider. If your phone isn’t waterproof like Sony’s Xperia Z, use a fully waterproof case whenever you head to the pool or beach. You can also sometimes rescue a drowned phone by sticking it in a bag of dried rice overnight.


3. Missing in action


If you’re out and about more this summer, make sure you keep close tabs on your phone in case it’s lost or stolen. If the worst happens, Find My Phone is a great little Android app that can track your mobile via GPS, while Apple offers a similar service built into iOS. You can also get portable alarms which connect via Bluetooth to your mobile, and tell you if it’s unexpectedly on the move.

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