Mobile World Congress: Day One

Sony press conference

Day Zero of Mobile World Congress always lulls me into a false sense of security.. Like, MWC will be a piece of cake this year, there’ll be a totally manageable number of conferences and most of all, the tech is going to work in my favour.

It started innocently enough, with Nokia’s announcement of an almost ridiculously beefy camera phone – 41-megapixels was the number. I’ve since heard that what’s actually going on inside the lens is five pictures being taken at seven-or-so-megapixel quality, and the pictures being layered to create an uber-dense photo that can take a digital zoom all the way in. Still a feat though, and its macro setting imparts a depth of field that’s really impressive in a mobile phone.

Around 11am I realized my first two naïve, hopeful thoughts wouldn’t enter my head again – after scurrying off-site to reach the Asus press conference for the big reveal on the Padfone, I immediately ran back the way I came to make my meeting with HTC.

I heard a little bit more about the HTC One series – they’re all called One, confusingly, but there’s a reason to the over-orderly naming process: each phone actually has the same set of features, but they come in at three different price points. OneV is the entry-level version of OneX basically with OneS coming in between, but all of them, I’m told, check the same photo, video, sound, design and ‘experience’ boxes.

Then it’s time to be let down by tech (also known as my coup d’etat as someone you should never lend anything to): I accidentally deleted a thousand photos off a camera that isn’t mine. But not before I successfully upload my 40 photos of Samsung phones at varying angles. Yay, right? The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 was my launch of the day. Samsung announced three tablets yesterday, but the Note 10.1 is the one  - it’s a sexier Galaxy Tab with glass front and back, with the specialized drawing features of the original Note.

On the flip side, I also got some hands-on time with LG’s punt at a Note of its own – the Optimus Vu. Strange beast – almost square, only a touch smaller than Samsung’s original Galaxy Note, it seems a real niche product to me. But LG has come to MWC in a big way this year – we’ll be posting our photos of its giant booth and equally giant launches. UPDATE: This is done!

Android zone

By this time, I’ve found myself at the end of Hall 8, pre-Motorola briefing, with enough time to dodge into Google’s Android zone. It is delightful. There are smoothies. A win-an-Android machine. A slide. Ice cream sandwiches (geddit?). I see a sushi train esque carousel except instead of questionable seafood there is every single Android device on market somewhere in the world right now. This is where geeks go to regenerate. Back in the game.

Android zone crowd


Still to come: The full LG lowdown, a vista of Viewsonic Viewpads and, less alliteratively, some Sony action. We’re also going to be giving the Nokia 808 as much camera testing as they’ll allow so watch our homepage!



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