The CES News Roundup

Intelligent fridges, super high definition TVs and a bizarro anti-microwave contraption that cools a drink in minutes... Like any tech hack I kept a close eye on CES news that broke over the annual conference in Las Vegas.

Of course, it's never been the mobile-centric event that February's Mobile World Congress is. That C stands for ‘consumer' and consumers like TVs and fridges too. But where companies like LG and Samsung broke some of their biggest phone launches at 2011 CES leaving MWC more than a little like the rerun show, 2012 CES saw largely US-only mobile announcements. HTC for example, basically announced the Titan II, essentially the Titan with 4G support (not available in the UK).
Like many of the other announcements, it isn't particularly UK-friendly. But we still got enough news to whet our appetites for what's coming up this year:

Quad-core tablets

We reported on the Asus Transformer Prime well before CES, but Las Vegas displayed the world's first quad-core tablet in all its high-powered glory. Expect it to be just the beginning for a year filled with spec-based chest beating.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich

At the close of 2011, one device was available with this latest, newest version of Android - the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Now Huawei has announced two Ice Cream Sandwich devices, a new MediaPad and the super slim Ascend P1S, while Sony's first Ericsson-free phone, the Xperia S, is confirmed for an ICS upgrade before summer. Anyone who's announced an Android phone, basically, has been quick to note that it will be upgradeable. Ice Cream Sandwich is the most significant change to Android since its launch and it heralds great things for Androids to come.

Nokia-Microsoft win

Nokia's flagship Windows phone, the Lumia 800, was barely out of the gates before the tech-o-sphere began its buzz about an even beefier big bro, the Lumia 900. CES saw the official announcement - but we'll have to wait for its appearance over here before we get the hype out.

Power, power, power

The Lenovo K800 was an intriguing one - a smartphone powered by a netbook-worthy Intel Atom CPU. With high-def gaming and movies becoming increasingly present on consumer wishlists, it could be an interesting alternative to the Samsungs and Apples littering the market. That's assuming those rumoured quad-core phones from HTC aren't the new most awesome thing you've ever heard of.



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